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Wep wireless validating identity

You need to insure your WLC time is set within the APs validity time frame.

(Cisco Controller) Certificate Serial Number: 3BC24B9600000012211221 Certificate Usage: General Purpose Issuer: cn=Cisco Manufacturing CA o=Cisco Systems Subject: Name: C1130-001c58734445 [email protected]=C1130-001c58734445 o=Cisco Systems l=San Jose st=California c=US CRL Distribution Points: Date: start date: UTC Jun 30 2007 end date: UTC Jun 30 2017 Software release 12.2(18)SXF5(Sup 720) has a new Wi SM feature call "auto-lag". When you are prompted for a username, enter recover-config to restore the factory default configuration.

This three-part expert lesson provides best practices for securing a WLAN in the enterprise.

Lesson 1 focuses on methods of systematically monitoring your WLAN for intruders and ways to proactively reduce network discovery.

Intruders can use shareware, such as Net Stumbler, combined with a high-gain antenna to scan for the existence of WLANs.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to hide the existence of a WLAN or the SSID because management and control frames are not encrypted.

This option requires the client to do a The main thing the controller is looking from the client is a DHCP request and a ACK coming back from the DHCP server.

As long as the client does these steps, the client will pass the DHCP required step and move to the RUN state.

If you use the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) in order to manage the WLC, wireless LAN controller Module (WLCM) or Wireless Services Module (Wi SM), you should be able to access the WLC from the WCS and create a new administrative user without logging into the WLC itself.and the client entry should be completely moved to the new controller from the original controller.Then if the client does need to DHCP again, the DHCP bridging or proxy process on the current controller would transparently bridge the packet again.CDP is not supported on the controllers that are integrated into Cisco switches and routers, including those in the Catalyst 3750G Integrated Wireless LAN Controller Switch, the Cisco Wi SM, and the Cisco 28/37/38xx Series Integrated Services Router.However, you can use the show ap cdp neighbors detail command on these controllers in order to see the list of CDP neighbors for the access points that are connected to the controller. read-write Creates a management user with read-write access.

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I am always cautions with anything with the word "auto" when it comes to networking. At the prompt that asks whether you need to save changes to the configuration, enter Y or N, doesn’t matter what you select. Press enter and the controller will reset back to factory default.

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