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The long answer is: some networked webcams require nothing more than a secret URL, while most USB or built-in laptop webcams would need the computer to be compromised first.Here are three ways of viewing a webcam without your knowledge.Despite claims that the feature was only used in cases of reported laptop theft, many students reported briefly seeing the webcam indicator light flicker on, and some took measures to tape over camera.The district later admitted 56,000 images of the students had been taken.Hacked networked cameras are one thing – they’re designed to broadcast their images anyway, just not normally to the entire world – but is it possible to access any old regular laptop webcam? The good news is that generally speaking, no, a hacker can’t simply sit here and type in a URL to look at your webcam.What they can do though, is systematically scan a network for vulnerable operating systems and automatically inject a Trojan if something useful is found.

The difference in this case was that these baby monitors had a built-in speaker, through which the parents could remotely soothe their child.

A webcam – short for ‘web camera’ – is a digital camera that’s connected to a computer.

It can send live pictures from wherever it’s sited to another location by means of the internet.

As it turns out, so could anyone who accessed the cam using the hack, as two families (August 2013, April 2014) found out the hard way – having woken up to obscenities being shouted at their babies., update the firmware immediately.

TRENDnet customers, visit the support page to see the full list of affected models and to download an update.