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Serious dating latvia

It was declared equal in value to the Russian rouble.The lat was reintroduced in 1993, replacing the LVR at a rate of 1 lat = 200 LVR.

The first serious wave of the crisis occurred in 1995, when the largest bank in Latvia, Banka Baltija, collapsed, involving the loss of about 40 percent of the banking system's assets and liabilities.

The Bank of Latvia estimates that 488 million coins in the value of 73 million lats (compared to 59 million banknotes in the value of 1.16 billion lats) will have to be collected and replaced by an even larger nominal amount in euro.

Latvia has gone through serious economic shocks in its recent past.

Wander through Riga’s Old Town to see the House of the Blackheads and the 15th-century Riga Castle.

In the evening, pop into Rock café for a drink and test your singing voice with the karaoke crowd.

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This time all the lats that people have at home or in the bank, will be exchanged and no value loss will occur.

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