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The page on the Finnish game Paskahousu now describes the version in which cards are played face up; the version with face down cards is more accurately known as Valepaska and has been moved to a new page with that title.

The Links to Other Information page, which had grown very long, has been moved to a new address and separated into links pages for software, online games, rules of games, playing-card inforamtion, bitmaps and fonts, sources for cards and equipment, services for game designers, tournaments and meetings, casinos and gambling, card tricks, books and discussion groups.

New page on 5000 Rummy, a popular North American rummy game with many alternative names and variants, in which the players begin with different numbers of cards, the hand size being determined by the first card dealt to the player.

New page on Nomination Whist, a name used in Britain for at least three different games. , but can also refer to Noms, a game played in the British Royal Navy, or to Clag, a game similar to Oh Hell! New pages have been published for these last two games.

The new index also has a fuller listing of alternative names of games and variants. All are listed in the poker variants index, along with invented poker variants which are now organised into separate pages for draw, stud, shared card, match pot and miscellaneous games.

The arrival of an American arms dealer, who incites trouble with a neighbouring island, casts a shadow over their peaceful lives.

The page on the Canadian game Kaiser has been rewritten and expanded to include rules for the 34-card Saskatchewan variant sometimes known as Three-Spot, the Québec variant Les Rois, and the related games Lost Heir and Joffre played with special cards.

New version of the alphabetical index, showing number and type of cards used for each game as well as the number of players. E., Iron Cross, Pass the Trash, Poker with Two Hands and Roll Your Own.

For information on more recent updates see the site map, which provides a full list of all pages showing when each of them was last updated.

Two new pages on variants of the Italian game Tessette: a four-player variant Mediatore in which a partner is chosen by calling a card, and a two-player variant Spizzichino in which each player has a hand of 10 cards and two packets of 5 cards.

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It's a kind of comedy if you like, but it's certainly all singing, all dancing." Pountney says of the piece: "It is light, witty and entertaining, as well as being sharply satirical about a very serious political situation." He explains how he aimed for "an agreeably absurd effect", allowing the story to unfold against a Caribbean-style backdrop but with the characters in Austrian traditional dress, complete with lederhosen.

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