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Free of all reg sign up sex chat

This changed our lives forever and a refreshing change from the previous dance band days that catered for the 'Baby Boomers' parents.

My early days were based in my hometown of Southampton and starting out as a ten year old singer in 1958 as the new exciting sounds of Rock and Roll swept into the UK from America.She has now published the first part of the trilogy that brings the story to a new generation in the 21st century and a fascinating insight into the life of Reg Calvert, who was well ahead of his time and whose name might have been known to the British public along with the likes of Brian Epstein, Andrew Loog Oldham, Peter Grant and many more managers who helped to promote some of the biggest names in pop and rock music.The name of Joe Meek has been revived, thanks to the movie 'Telstar' which tells the story of a tortured genius as an amazing record producer in the early Sixties with his own stable of artistes such as The Tornados, Heinz, John Leyton, Honeycombs -all chart topping successes.Within a few short years, Reg Calvert had a stable of very talented acts and moved up to Rugby with his pipedream of 'The School Of Rock and Roll' that boosted the stage profiles and groomed these new bands that soon made an impact- The Fortunes and Pinkertons Assorted Colours (Mirror Mirror) amongst their ranks.Screaming Lord Sutch was also part of the Calvert story with Radio Sutch broadcasting offshore in the North Sea- later Radio City.

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