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Dating no1 professional service uk

I brought the version after the vintage bottle from house of Fraser and then because I'm anal like that , went ahead and brought the vintage bottle from a place on Walworth road London.

I would say that the vintage bottle is a bit more thicker and dense in all areas especially the longevity and projection ,so I'd wear it more in the colder months.

Try blending Muglers Ultra Zest with the L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Eau Extreme , two sprays each on either side of the upper and lower neck, the orange tanginess of Ultra Zest goes well with the LIDGE macho cacaoness . The mixture of tones is too much complex, undefinable, confusing. 08.4/10.0 - Scent(Top)/Aroma(Topo) 08.5/10.0 - Scent(Mid)/Aroma(Meio) 08.7/10.0 - Scent(Base)/Aroma(Base) 09.6/10.0 - Uniqueness/Singularidade 09.7/10.0 - Longevity/Longevidade 09.0/10.0 - Sillage/Rastro 07.5/10.0 - Versatility/Versatilidade 08.6/10.0 - Presentation/Apresentação -------------------------------------------------------------------- 08.6/10.0 - Total Personal notes!

this is open up witj punch of bitter cacao with the anise background.You can't define what it is meant to be, which is aggravated by its huge silage power, which makes it somewhat cloying. Interestingly, a love EDTs / EDPs that have high performance. Sorry but this one is not making to my "like" list at all. Shame Guerlain has confusingly renamed this as Eau de Parfum rather than Extreme. This fragrance is now sold in the same bottle as Vetiver and the 'Extreme' label has been dropped in favour for 'Eau de Parfum' (here in Europe at least anyway). I have tested the juice from this new bottle a couple of times now, and although the performance is still very good, it doesn't live up to it's beast mode reputation.Now easy for someone to order the wrong version as EDT is quite different and not as nice in my opinion. It smells like antique wood from an old church, in the best possible way. The old ones were chics) i read all the hype on this one but it never lived up to the hype.the cacao note stay alive till the drydown, and have almost identical drydown with the edt.the edt is brighter and easygoing mature man, while this is more serious,mysterious mature appealing.

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At that time, both the black rimmed and clear rimmed bottles where available. Over the years I have worn this several times, but have not done a review of it, until now. Closing my eyes I can almost taste the delicious chocolate and fruit candy as it melts in my mouth.. About 20 minutes in I get some spice and earth tones as the star anise and patchouli start to emerge. I concluded that in the opening, LIDGE vintage is better than its "reformulated" version, and what led us to take such a conclusion ?! Unfortunately, the drydown is a skin scent, and the 2 hours of projection is the opening, so you're kind of stuck with the loudness of the opening, of which I personally am not a fan of, to represent you.

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