Ciesse piumini online dating

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Ciesse piumini online dating

Ciesse Piumini racconta due mondi attraverso due linee di prodotto: Outdoor e Urban.

Siamo partiti dalla funzione d'uso di ogni capo per arrivare a una collezione ben articolata, con un preciso focus di utilizzo e due indirizzi tecnici differenti.

Ciesse Piumini non è solo giubbotti da uomo ma un vero total look, Nuvolari seleziona per voi i migliori capi tra polo, pantaloni e piumini del marchio più di tendenza del momento.

We Are Nuvolari: Ordina i capi di abbigliamento più trendy del mercato.

Ciesse Piumini is an Italian technical outdoor clothing brand founded by Borgo Buggiano by Silvano Cinelli in 1976.

With the aim to create the best in performance clothing that doesn't compromise on style, Ciesse Piumini is recognised for its collections of clothing which include goose feather-filled jackets and separates created with hardwearing materials such as Gore-Tex, that are designed with outdoor activities including skiing and climbing in mind.

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Giacche, pantaloni, maglie, scarpe subito a casa tua. La consegna standard è gratuita su tutti gli articoli e su tutto il territorio nazionale, senza un tetto minimo di spesa.

The key to Ciesse Piumini’s success was the uncompromising quality of its products, created with materials that were avant-garde at the time such as Gore-tex, and the ability to interpret the urban needs of the public who connected the brand to extreme expeditions into the mountains and Antarctic.

Silvano also created warm, soft and comfortable feather-lined jackets for city-wear showcasing typical Italian cut and style.

The experience accrued from creating natural feather-lined jackets for mountain and Antarctic expeditions was applied over the years to the sector of urban fashion, making the brand an icon for teenagers in the 1980s and 1990s.

Since 2010 the brand has been owned in Italy and also in Germany, Austria, Russia, Norway, Luxembourg, China and Japan. Ciesse Piumini’s is inextricably linked to nature, authenticity and freedom.

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