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Blackbook online dating

Currently Black Book is the official valuation service for, a third-party internet shopping site based on their accurate vehicle values which help serve as an important guide for consumers navigating the vehicle selling and trade-in process.

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And make sure to print out your Black Book appraisal and bring it to the dealer.

That way the dealer will know up front that you've done your homework.

So to control the process, work with the used car appraisal system that more dealers count on.

Coming in with a Black Book appraisal gives you credibility with the dealer.

After all, those are the numbers a majority of dealers use and those are the numbers you'll be negotiating with.

In select formats, Black Book vehicle appraisal guides are published daily, weekly, and monthly in various electronic formats, including data feeds, internet based applications, hand held PDAs, smart phones and online appraisal services.

Black Book visits 60 auctions nationwide every week to gather the most up to date information on used car values.

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