Bed bugs spray online dating dating goor

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Bed bugs spray online dating

The idea being that an ultrasonic sound generated from your phone “mimics predators.” You open the app, choose “the optimal repelling frequency” for your area, and then the software makes a powerful high-pitched sound, not audible to humans at most settings.

When my kids and I brought the phone into a buggy wooded area, the mosquitoes really did seem to be steering clear of us. A more recent university study—"Electronic mosquito repellers induce increased biting rates...."—shows that the cell phone apps and other high-frequency noisemakers actually attract mosquitoes to you.

This stigma has plagued hotels, businesses, homeowners and has now crossed over into the dating world, as well. I mean, I knew my boyfriend would understand, but the thought of telling him caused me nothing but anxiety.For instance, Anti Mosquito - Sonic Repeller from the Pico Brothers has almost a million downloads and thousands of reviews.Mosquito Repellent from Green Mobile has millions and millions of downloads and over 65,000 positive reviews.And then, when we brought the phone indoors, it really did scare the crap out of our cat. Several well-designed studies from the last few years show that these apps and other EMRs (electronic mosquito repellents) don’t lower the number of bites to human subjects who held the devices. Subjects had 33 percent more bites when using the ultrasonic devices.So the anti-mosquito cell phone apps are effective—just in reverse.

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On your next outing, if you can induce the partiers in the next campsite to use the app, the bugs will ditch your area and flock to their site.

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