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• TAP to ANIMATE your bearded self - sigh, blink, sneeze, and more. (depending on what applications you have installed on your phone) TONS OF STYLES: Cat Beard: Because sometimes cats are beards! People have a fascinating love for beards and so will you with Beardify for the i Phone.with this app, you can have a glorious beard without growing your facial hair to great lengths.This app features realistic and "follicle accurate beard styles the range from the classic to the unique.I much prefer the beardless female dwarves in Hiryuus picture than the one in looking for group comic. Sometimes you take the tradition and throw it away. " those 'dwarven' women with no facial hair are just big, fat halflings or short, fat humans. There are usually more male dwarves than female, right? A female dwarf could have 3 or even as many as 7 or 9 husbands!In my world no dwarf would ever shave, even a female one. The point is understand when is the case, or you are throwing away the soul of the... :smalltongue: I like the approach the guys from NCSoft had with dwarves in Lineage 2: amander Skin_Males: fat, beardy Santa Clauss rip-offs Females: cute lolis I like the approach the guys from NCSoft had with dwarves in Lineage 2: [img] Males: fat, beardy Santa Clauss rip-offs Females: cute lolis Meh, those ladies are a little too cute (aka skinny) for my image of dwarves. I also like they idea of shaving as a punishment for male dwarves.

However, I must say 'un-bearded' in general for various... Perhaps a beard is a sign of independence or pride and most male dwarves have a chauvenistic outlook on it? And the ones that don't, don't lack because they shave, but simply because it doesn't grow. I don't like how a lot of art shows dwarven females with really broad shoulders. Dwarf females should have huge hips, not huge shoulders. I had no idea that Tolkein had bearded dwarven women. You can think of something original, you're better then that. Perhaps the entire dwarven race is an epic illusion created and maintained by epic gnome illusionists? The gnomes were paid a godly amount to sign over their racial history. It's a totemic representation of their manly dwarflyness.

about having different dwarven (sub)races, one with beards, one without. There's a reason that the only real references to bearded dwarves come from what is quite possibly a joke referring to an in-universe racial stereotype (the tolkein one) and a deliberately silly (though as often as possible internally consistent) series of books. That said, I'd like to take this opportunity to share the only good Lord of the Rings romance fanfic ( Did you honestly think the names Fili (short for Felicity), Kili (pron: Keeley), Ori, Dori, and Nori were guy names? BUT only to a race has female members without beards. :) Beware the all-male dwarven settlement, I guess, if you don't have a full chin of fuzz! Literally, by shaving the dwarves beard, you have all but made him a woman. The dwarf elf antipathy is the result of a drunken encounter and an elven lack of a sense of humour about such things. I like the approach the guys from NCSoft had with dwarves in Lineage 2: amander Skin_Males: fat, beardy Santa Clauss rip-offs Females: cute lolis Look like halfling females to me... :smalltongue: How about female dwarves shave their beards until they get married and then just let it grow?

Instead of dividing themselves on the colour of their skin (like humans) they differenciate themselves on the beardedness (or otherwise) of their women. Finely Moustachiod Dwarven ladies, with ribbons in their long, silky, flowing beards is awesome and hilarious in Discworld. "Like a bit o' beard on a woman: gives you something to hang onto! So now the reason dwarf-elf antipathy is because of sexism ? Some human females have been known to do the same...

Thorin could have been lying (or maybe it's polite for dwarves to call everybody male), but it is explicitly stated. Like, if you have a huge beard, you get to be top-dog; but if you lose your beard, you get to be someone elses bitch. Or it could be part of the punishment: "Go away and don't come back until your beard is a least two feet long!

I knew a guy named Ory back in college, so that's a plausibly male name. Well, the fluff always talks about how losing your beard is some kind of huuuge humiliation if you're a dorf. " A punishment would not be measured in years, but in inches.

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